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Add some really fun and beautiful porcelain or glass tiles to your swimming pool - swimming turtles, all types of fish, beautiful friendly Florida Keys' mermaids riding dolphins, and interesting mosaic designs - all colors of the Florida Keys. Swimming pool builder, A. Dennis Kulig enjoys designing pools for his clients and has numerous vendors that can add that extra personal style to your new pool with beautiful tiles. Choose from a number of brochures in the Marathon FL office to order an accent tile or tiles, for just the right look that completes the beauty of your inground pool, home and yard.

Want a peaceful waterfall, or a fountain of water - no problem, A. Dennis Kulig pool contractor of the Florida Keys can easily install. Don't forget about the pool's decking - pavers with the texture and colors of natural stone, cool on your feet, pavers that resist mold, mildew, and algae, large or small custom cut sandstone, seashells mixed in pavers to give a wonderful beach finish - so much to choose from! Come into our retail store in Marathon Florida and make so many fun decisions.

A. Dennis Kulig, Swimming Pools Etc is a fully stocked retail swimming pool supply store. We have or can order just about anything you will need to keep your swimming pool beautiful. We have many pool maintenance products for instance, Phos Free to remove phosphates; algae removal products; brushes; poles; nets; auto cleaners; and replacement parts for all equipment used in swimming pools. We are a retail swimming supply store in Marathon, FL Keys.

In the Florida Keys, we love our swimming pools - but if the water is too hot during the summer months or just too cold during the winter...well, we install swimming pool and spa heat pumps. By adding a heat pump, your swimming pool water will always be comfortable. Easy to use digital or analog temperature settings keep you happy year round.

A. Dennis Kulig specializes in the construction of new inground concrete swimming pools, commercial and residential swimming pool, spa, pool remodeling, pool repairs, pool equipment, and everything needed to keep your pool crystal clear. Our company is committed to building Florida Keys quality pools at competitive prices.   Your repair requests are all handled directly by A. Dennis Kulig with over 45 years of general contractor and pool construction, renovation, service, and repair. We get it fixed right the first time. If it’s renovation or resurfacing you need, rest assured that our pool plasters will give you a Diamond Brite surface you will enjoy worry free for many years!

Give us a call and talk to Dennis, 305.743.7911.

T. 305.743.7911 | F. 305.743.9094 | denkulig@comcast.net

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